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About ConCool

Concrete Cooling Systems Worldwide

ConCool is dedicated solely to the making of chilled concrete to meet heat of hydration and temperature-rise-control in civil projects worldwide. We offer the following services using Glacier® Ice Plants & Ice Rakes, Niagara® Wet Belts, and Blue Northern® Air Systems - Sand and Rock:

  • Water chillers
  • Ice water banks
  • Sand chillers
  • Concrete temperature control
  • Turnkey installation services


ConCool offers the concrete industry more than 50 years experience in systems to produce concrete to stringent temperature specifications. With more than 150 installed projects worldwide this company has the experience to design, supply and install cooling systems to meet any concrete temperature requirement at any level of production.


The ConCool philosophy revolves around finding the most cost effective solution for the specific project needs. Heat balance calculations allow a careful consideration of all available methods to reach the required placement temperature. These technical calculations are then followed by a project cycle cost analysis which allows the Client to see clearly in economic terms their total project costs for producing concrete to meet contract requirements for each available option.

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